“Canadian Delicatessen at the Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf”

From August 23-25, 2019, the prestigious shopping mile “Königsallee” will turn into a food mecca celebrating Europe’s largest open air food event, the Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf.

The event attracts more than 200 exhibitors and 100,000 food enthusiasts eager to discover and taste local and international specialties.

For the first time, Canada will be represented with a food truck and stage to feature exclusive Canadian food and beverage products, such as lobster, oysters, maple delights, Canadian wine, beer, and spirits etc.

When: 23rd of August 2019 until 25th of August (Friday to Sunday)

Where: Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Germany / Number: 505


Canada will be represented in two ways:

a) the culinary way: by serving Canadian foods and specialties in a Canada-branded food truck

b) the cultural way: Canadian artists, sponsors and partners will have the opportunity to perform and present themselves on the “Canada stage”

c) VIP guests to be invited by the event organizer (B2B clients)

c) Any excess returns of the Canada Pavilion will be donated to nonprofit organisations in Canada and Germany

For questions and more detailed information about the event, please contact us at info(at)maplebusinet.ca or

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