What is Yelp?

  • Yelp is an online platform for recommendations that brings people together with great local businesses
  • The great thing is that these people don’t just communicate via Yelp and exchange experiences but also meet in the ‘real world’ at diverse events and as such experience the city together.
  • Every business owner can create a free business profile at biz.yelp.de. You can request the login details easily and at no extra cost and can keep your profile up to date with photos, text, etc. 
  • Average number of monthly Yelp users worldwide: 180 million (Yelp is the market leader)

   Further information can be found here: https://www.yelp.de/factsheet and  https://www.yelp.de/about Yelp Düsseldorf is planning a highlight for the Düsseldorf community at the Gourmet Festival. So-called “Yelp reporters” – local experts that enjoy writing contributions and discovering new things – will explore the Gourmet Festival. Have we caught your interest? Then please feel free to get in touch with Timo Beck from Yelp (tbeck@yelp.com).