Dusseldorf can be found in the heart of the metropolitan region of Rhein-Ruhr and has an extended hinterland of over 5 million people. Dusseldorf ist the media and fashion capital and can surely  without question also be named as gourmet-metropolis. The people of Dusseldorf love their city, the enjoyment and the social interaction on their favourite street, Königsallee. With a generous amount of funds, the people of Dusseldorf enjoy spending money on good food, good wine and a nice evening with friends. Dusseldorf is ideally located, surrounded by many large cities such as Bonn, Cologne and the Ruhr area. In the past visitors have not only come from Dusseldorf but also from the surrounding smaller towns as well as the aforementioned cities. Dusseldorf has now been the set of a succesful Gourmet Festival for 7 years. We are looking forward to number 8 in 2018!

Das Gourmet Festival

24-26th August 2018

In Königsallee in Dusseldorf there are not only exquisit shops but, on this weekend, there are also exclusive culinary delicacies and taste sensations! Along Königsallee stand the white pagoda tents, allowing for a cosy gourmet boulevard to come to life. Visitors are invited to linger in Königsallee in front of the tents and on the food truck site and to enjoy the delicacies of the exhibitors. Feast, stroll and chill: For the opening of the 7-year-old Gourmet Festival every gourmand gets his money’s worth. Whether it’s delicacies from the grill or light finger food – foodies, grill lovers, cocktail and wine tasters as well as those with a sweet tooth enjoy until late into the night in a relaxed atmosphere under the open sky. With around 190 exhibitors of sophisticated gastronomy and traders of high quality and rare gourmet products, the festival has established itself as the number one of gourmet events in the culinary field. For three days the Königsallee transforms into a runway for exquisite delicacies and unusual treats. Here you can feast with friends or family in a relaxed atmosphere. A visit is definitely worth it!