1. Event/Organiser

Wellfairs GmbH
Düsseldorfer Straße 41
DE-40667 Meerbusch

  1. Dates

Duration of the event

Opening times for visitors
Fr., 24/08 13:00 – 21:00
Sa., 25/08 11:00 – 21:00
Sun., 26/08 11:00 – 21:00

Setting up/tents are available from:
Thu., 23/08 from 16:00

Mo., 27/08 until 10:00

All stands must be occupied until 9pm on Sunday, 26/08/2017. Early dismantling/clearing out of tents will be met with a penalty of 750.00 EUR net.

  1. Admission requirements 

The following are permitted as exhibitors at the Gourmet Food Festival: manufacturers and retailers of products listed in nomenclature. The decision concerning admission is made at dutiful discretion, taking into consideration the area capacity available to the event as well as the purpose and structure of the event. InnoFairs has a right to predetermine the composition of exhibitors according to branches, product groups as well as their emphasis. The composition of exhibitors according to country of origin, business size and market mindshare as well as other objective features amongst other things constitute as selection criteria. However, Innofairs is in no way connected to the handling of previous events.

  1. Prices and payment

The net cost of stands can be found on the registration form. Participation with an exhibitor’s own stand or other personal selling equipment is not possible. Prices are net and are to be added onto the legal sales tax. The basis of the billing is the actual allocated area each time. After registration you will receive and advance invoice for 20% of the total sum. Only after your payment has been received will the registration be valid. You will receive the final invoice for 80% of the total sum around 2 months before the beginning of the event. Tents can only be obtained once all accounts have been settled.

  1. Cancellation

Exhibitors wishing to cancel their registration must inform the organiser in writing. The deposit in the amount of 20% of the total sum cannot be refunded. For the remaining 80% the following rules apply: Cancellations up to 60 days before the beginning of the event will receive a voucher of 100%, cancellations up to 30 days before the event will receive a voucher of 50%. Cancellations made from 29 days before the event will not receive a voucher.

  1. Directory of exhibitors

Exhibitors will be published in a directory online and on paper for the event. The details needed for this will be requested from you in due time. There is no cost for basic entry.

  1. Sub-exhibitors

Sub-exhibitors are firms different from the exhibitor that offer products/services on the stand of the exhibitor. Sub-exhibitors are generally allowed and subject to a charge. The organiser must however be informed about the sub-exhibitor and their products in writing on the registration form. The admission of a sub-exhibitor follows the rules under 3.

  1. Liability and insurance

The organiser is not liable for damages in stand equipment, stand construction, tents, products or anything else belonging to the exhibitor or their representative or borrowed items. The theft of the aforementioned items is also not insured by the organiser.

  1. Security and guards

The site is guarded by a professional security service during the following times:     23/08 from 21:00 – 24/08, 08:00//       24/08 from 21:00 – 25/08, 08:00 //        25/08 from 21:00 – 26/08, 08:00

  1. Advertising, selling, compulsory attendance

Handing out brochures and other forms of advertising is only permitted inside the exhibitor’s own tent. Music performances are only allowed with the consent of the neighbouring exhibitor. Direct sale is permitted. The exhibitors are obliged to keep the stand open to visitors during opening times.

  1. Return of tens / Rubbish disposal

The tents are to be returned as they were found i.e. any rubbish from the tents must be disposed of in the containers provided. Any return not adhering to these regulations will incur a cleaning and rubbish disposal charge of 65.00 EUR per hour.

  1. Official permits

The exhibitor is responsible for making sure that the required permits for activities carried out by themselves and their agents are available at the stand or on the site and that the regulations applicable to valid sanitary and trade laws are adhered to.

  1. Youth Protection Act

In the interest of all participating exhibitors and visitors, the organiser adverts in due form to the law on protecting young persons in public §9.

  1. Federal Data Protection Act

The personal details of our business partners will be saved and processed in accordance with §§28 and 29 BDSG for the intended purpose of the contractual relationship.

  1. General terms and conditions

These conditions of participation are also subject to the general terms and conditions of Wellfairs GmbH.